Victory Estates is the first commercial olive orchard to establish itself in the Willamette Valley.  Through our research we were convinced that the microclimate of the mid-Willamette Valley would provide the conditions for growing this distinguished fruit.  Since 2002 our trial groves, with selected cultivars have established themselves by surviving our winter temperatures.  Our blends of olives from our cultivars are milled on site. Because our trees are relatively young, it is premature to market solely Oregon olive oil. Therefore, we have blended our oil with oil from a California estate to establish a special blend of extra virgin olive oil that brings out the character of a truly fine EVOO. 

Olives have been farmed for thousands of years in very differing climates.  We found no documentation that olives had been attempted to be commercially farmed in Oregon, so, with a true pioneering spirit, we set out to prove we could grow olives that would rival all others in flavor and vigor.  We researched olive varieties and chose the varieties we thought would endure the environment of Oregon’s four seasons. Combining those selected varieties from around the world, we perfected our estate grown Oregon olive blend -- Victory Estates Olive Oil. 

In late October or early November harvest time begins at Victory Estates.  Our olives are hand picked and sent immediately to be pressed at the mill house positioned at the southern end of the olive grove.  Harvest time in the Willamette Valley is predicated by the relatively early arrival of frost, providing our olive oil with an exquisite fresh flavor and distinctive emerald green color.

It seems everyone enjoys the flavor of olive oil and agrees that it is a long forgotten health benefit.  Today local citizens can experience the fresh, locally grown blended flavors that have been experienced in other regions. 

In our quest for olive excellence and awareness, we combined the flavors of our culinary region with the distinctive taste of olives.  California table olives are brought into our commercial kitchen and transformed into gourmet stuffed olives.  Our gourmet olives, unlike the olives stored in vinegars at olive bars, are blended with fresh local ingredients to promote and support true Oregon goodness and a healthy lifestyle. 

Expert olive tasters are skilled at distinguishing the subtle varietal and appellation differences of olive, but one does not have to be an expert to appreciate the unique taste of fresh pressed olive oil or olives stuffed with fresh herbs and spices. Enjoy!